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About Us


Since 1993, the Language Unit has been delivering a tailor-made provision through its Language Programme for Engineers. Our courses cover a range of foreign languages (Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish) as well as English and are specifically geared towards students of engineering and other STEM subjects.

All our foreign language courses are FREE to students and staff from CUED but we also welcome students from other departments for a fee ( for more details).  English courses are run for Non-native MPhil by Research and PhD students plus Postdocs from Engineering.

In addition to the Language Programme for Engineers, the Language Unit organises a range of trips and cultural activities. Every year, we host language-specific events to allow participants to gain a better understanding of the target culture through food, drinks and cultural activities (quizzes, films, games, etc.). We also organise trips to Paris, Barcelona and Germany.

Finally, the Language Unit is a space where you can come and flick through magazines in different languages, read books and consult reference materials. You can also use our computer room and borrow DVDs & other learning materials.