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Course Overview

"I love to attend these sessions and find them very, very useful for my language development" 

Course Overview

The CUED LU English programme is specifically tailored to Engineering research students and postdocs.  It runs termly during the academic year from October to July. There are no workshops or supervisions out of term unless otherwise agreed in advance with your Language Unit English supervisor.


The Language Unit’s English programme offers free English support for all non-native MPhil by Research and PhD students plus Postdocs from the Department of Engineering.  If you have any questions about eligibility please contact Lisa Davies,

English language consultations (weekly drop-in hours: Wednesdays, 12-1pm)

Drop into the Language Unit and meet with Nicola Cavaleri ( to discuss your English needs, receive guidance on signing up for aspects of the English programme, ask questions, share feedback or obtain advice on language learning strategies.

Writing for Engineers courses

The writing courses support Engineers in excelling in their writing. They cover structure, accuracy and style relevant to Engineers’ academic writing. 

" This is like no other English course I have ever attended.  I expected a typical writing course, but you pitched the course at a native speaker level with model Engineering examples, and you are dedicated to helping us reach that top level, either as students or postdocs.  I'd recommend these courses to anyone.  Everyone can learn so much! You help us get where we need to go to succeed."

Speaking: courses (one course per term; seven sessions in each course)

  • Fluency and Appropriacy (Michaelmas term)
  • Pronunciation (Lent term)
  • Giving Presentations in English (Easter term)

"Thank you for your instructive and informative courses; we had a blast in the Language Unit teaching room ... it also helped me a lot to improve my English."

Grammar for speaking and writing: individual workshops

Three workshops revise the use of the articles, tenses, basic conditionals and modal verbs.

"You clarified everything I've been struggling with and I wouldn't have made progress if I had not attended these grammar workshops."

Cultural Awareness workshop

This workshop focuses on the intercultural understanding needed to study and work successfully within the University environment; it also focuses more widely on aspects of British life and culture considering any topics that participants would like to discuss, and drawing where possible on their impressions and experiences. 

"Interesting, open discussions; everyone's needs were accommodated.  I got to know more about British culture and discovered the differences between cultures and the reasons behind them."

Essential English for Global Engineers

This series of workshops addresses various aspects essential to engineers' effective communication, as found by the GELS (Global Engineers' Language Skills) project.

English for Professional Purposes

Research has identified that the ability to verbally express ideas clearly and the capacity to work confidently in a group are the two key skills for employability.  This series of workshops focuses on enhancing future engineers' language skills to prepare them for the increasingly challenging demands of the global market.  

Individual writing supervisions

Individual speaking sessions

Self-study resources