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Intercultural communication

Intercultural Communication workshops

(Bookings open 2nd October)

Working effectively as an engineer in the global world

Engineers require intercultural competence for effective international understanding, communication and collaboration.

This series of workshops aims to equip English native and non-native speaking Engineering students and postdocs with intercultural competency, which is a growing area of importance in the global Engineering market


If you sign up but cannot attend a workshop, please remove your name from the list in advance.  However, if your name appears on the register and you do not attend the workshop or provide a reason for not attending, your name may be removed from subsequent attendance lists without notice to make space for those on waiting lists.

1. Cultural awareness and Living in Britain - 31/10/17 -  Book here 

2. The successful global engineer Part 1  - 7/11/2017- Book here 

3. The successful global engineer Part 2  - 14/11/2017- Book here 

4. Cultural awareness and Living in Britain - 02/02/18 -  Book here 

5. The successful global engineer  - 16/02/2018- Book here