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Individual writing supervisions

If the appointment slots conflict with your schedule or are fully booked, and you require one or more supervisions, please email Nicola, the English Coordinator, directly at to make alternative arrangements. 

Individual writing supervisions

Supervisions provide individualized support to international postgraduates and postdocs in the Department of Engineering seeking advice on their papers, reports and dissertations. The supervisions cover structure, accuracy and style.

Individual supervisions for writing support are available termly from October-July (unless otherwise agreed in advance with your Language Unit English supervisor) on a first come, first served basis.

Supervision hours

Participants are eligible to receive up to 3 supervision hours per term.

If the English supervisor, participant or participant’s academic supervisor deem it necessary to assign additional supervision hours to ensure satisfactory progress is made, such arrangements will be made on a case-by-case basis. 

Bookings - sign up on Moodle

Bookings can be made and cancelled up to 48 hours of the supervision time slot. If you are unable to attend your supervision and do not cancel it ahead of time, you will lose 1 of your 3 supervision hours  (unless you notify and your slot can be reallocated).

The first supervision must be in-person. Subsequent supervisions may take place electronically if agreed with the English supervisor (you still need to book a slot of time for electronic supervisions).

Once you have booked, please ensure you send your work by email in advance to your English supervisor so they have time to read it through and prepare (a week is preferable). Work sent in advance can be covered in detail by the English supervisor, thus maximizing your supervision time.

Nicola Cavaleri (